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Wholesale of hardware accessories, integrating design, development, production, and processing

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Why Choose Guardson

Guardson provides high-quality hardware for OEMs and distributors. We stand out among hardware suppliers due to our commitment to quality, our world-class service to our customers, and our expertise in custom part design and manufacturing.

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    Strong Production Strength
    Efficient material saving, favorable price, fast mass production and delivery

    The defect rate is as low as 10 parts per million, the cost is reduced with high efficiency and material saving, and the price is lower for the same quality.
    The average experience of the production team is more than 5 years, and the core team is more than 10 years, specializing in product customization.
    Multiple production lines, information management, stable supply, and an on-time delivery rate of nearly 100%.

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    Reliable Quality Assurance
    Equipment imported from Europe, 7S production site management

    Follow the ISO quality management system and 7S on-site management method to achieve high-quality and high-efficiency production.
    The introduction of imported equipment from Europe can easily meet the needs of precision electrical discharge machining of micro holes and special shapes.
    Metal stamping, metal mold equipment, 16-250T punch, precision grinder, milling machine.

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    Perfect Customer Service
    24-hour technical consulting service support, Services tailored to your business

    Pre-sales professional engineer 1-hour purchase quotation, 3 days product proofing, free technical solutions.
    Allocate business specialists 1v1f services during sales, follow up orders in real-time, report progress, and deliver and accept.
    Received a problem after sales, responded within 2 hours, gave a solution within 8 hours, and made every effort to achieve satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What advantages does your company have?

    Guardson has very good experience and supplies a wide range of hardware products, we offer one-stop service, our customers can buy all the kind of hardware products from our company, which can save a lot of time and cost and make our customers become more competitive in their market.

  • What projects can your products be used for?

    Guardson provides professional solutions for builders, homeowners, developers, distributors, hardware stores, and commercial projects such as commercial buildings, airports, hospitals, schools....and so on.

  • How is your product packaging, can you customize the packaging?

    Guardson has our own package facilities, we can provide all kinds of packages such as single blister cards, double blister cards, skin cards, and sliding card packages with our customer’s logo.

  • How satisfied are your customers?

    Guardson is proud to say that our overall full-satisfaction rate is around 95%, please consider our company and team for your future hardware requirement.